Events and Workshops

Yoga and Book Launch with Jenny Green
“Brain Bitch – How I Quiet My Inner Mean Girl”

What if you knew there was a mean girl (or guy) within your mind, trying to control your every move and hijack your every thought, sabotaging your success and stealing your joy? And what if you could turn down her volume and reclaim your freedom and happiness?

Join Author and RYT500 Jenny Greene for a very special Gentle Yoga Class based around her newly published book “Brain Bitch – How I Quiet My Inner Mean Girl”.
In this class Jenny uses mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, and gentle movement to facilitate recognizing your ego mind as separate from your higher self, becoming aware of when your thoughts are not serving you, and sharing proven tools for quieting the mind chatter.

In “Brain Bitch” the author, Jenny Greene shares how family, school, religion, society, and other forces combined to lay the groundwork for the development of what she calls her Brain Bitch — the ego-based voice inside our minds that identifies and catalogs our shortcomings, faults, and mistakes for constant replay. Jenny shares how the use of proven mindfulness tools including yoga and meditation were able to help her pull back the despair curtain to reveal a path to self-love, acceptance, and peace. Journal prompts, meditations, and mantras are offered throughout the book to help the reader to identify and manage their own inner mean girl aka Brain Bitch.
Read more about Jenny and her book here:

Jenny Greene grew up as an only child in rural Iowa, married her high school sweetheart, started her first business at age 22, and had three children by 28.
As she struggled with religious and cultural beliefs and increasingly debilitating negative self-talk, she discovered yoga and meditation as the key to her well-being and liberation.  Jenny has been a certified yoga teacher since 2016, sharing the transformative power of these practices and guiding others towards inner peace and freedom.
Jenny channels her creativity into words, crafting narratives that inspire and empower.  Alongside her culinary enthusiast husband, Jenny enjoys exploring the local restaurants and beaches in and around Bradenton, Florida, where they reside.
Jenny’s life is a testament to the strength that lies in quiet introspection and the joy of pursuing one’s passions. Her story is an invitation to all who seek to overcome inner turmoil and step into the light of self-love and acceptance.

When:  Thursday, May 9th
5:30-6:30pm  Gentle Yoga Class
6:30-7:30pm  Happy Hour Style Book Signing and Mingle
Where:  IYS Studio
Investment:  $30  includes a copy of Jenny’s book

Soothing New Moon Beach Yoga with Paige

New moons are associated with new beginnings and with new beginnings there can be excitement and also uncertainty. Come join us as we harness the cooling lunar “yin” energy that is responsible for regeneration and rejuvenation. Paige will guide you through a 60 minute soothing, slow flow moon salutation.

Following, will be a 30 minute, new moon “intention setting” guided meditation and crystal singing bowl sound bath.

Meet at the beach NOT at the studio.
Parking available at the studio and on Magnolia Drive.
Bring a towel or blanket as your mat.

When:  May 5th  *  6:30-8pm
Where: ON THE BEACH at the end of Magnolia St across from the studio.
Investment:  $30


Yoga Nidra with Paige

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep  promotes deep rest and relaxation. Paige will facilitate a guided meditation including, Sankulpa (intention), body scan, mindful breathing, and visualization followed by a crystal singing bowl sound bath to cultivate a greater sense of wholeness and well-being. Come join us in this sacred practice.

Offered twice a month!
All Levels welcome.

When:  May 6th  *  6-7pm
Where:  IYS Studio
Investment:  $25


M.E.L.T. Method with Perri Parkman

MELT is a gentle self-treatment technique using specially designed rollers and bands that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall wellbeing.
Learn how to optimize performance, reduce chronic pain signals and stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin!
Look great and feel great with The Melt Method!

Rollers and bands will be provided and also available for purchase.  Wear comfortable tight fitting clothing.

Perri Parkman is an island resident.  She is a Level 5 MELT instructor, Yoga teacher and Neuro-Muscular Massage Therapist

When:  Monday, May 20th  *  6-7:30pm
Where:  IYS Studio
Investment:  $35


Full Moon Beach Yoga
… with Paige Phelps

The full moon is a wonderful opportunity to let go of what is no longer serving us to create space for all that is in our highest and best. 

Join us  on the beach for this unique and sacred experience! We will begin with a 60 minute slow flow yoga sequence designed for ALL LEVELS. Following the flow will be a 30 minute letting go ceremony and manifestation guided meditation using crystal singing bowls to deepen your connection to the healing energy of the moon.  Journaling materials provided.

Meet at the beach NOT at the studio.
Parking available at the studio and on Magnolia Drive.
Bring a towel or blanket as your mat.

When:  May 23rd  *  6:30-8pm
Where: ON THE BEACH at the end of Magnolia St across from the studio.
Investment:  $30



Upcoming workshops:  Dates TBA

Yamuna Body Rolling with Dianne Glass
Roll & Restore

Join Master Yamuna Body Rolling Trainer Dianne Glass for YBR Roll & Restore, a full-body session to relax muscles, tone your body, and melt stress. Yamuna body rolling exercises are a simple, easy-to-learn method using various-sized balls that strengthen, align, and relieve stress to get you moving better.  Our specially designed balls for feet, face, and body feel like magical hands-on adjustments targeting those hard-to-get-at places in the body

YBR helps prevent and heal injuries, aids recovery, and is excellent cross-training for total body wellness and fitness.  Body Rolling is the ultimate self-care tool to keep your body in top form at any age so you can feel better and move ease.

YBR has been integrated into training by the Houston Ballet, Sarasota Ballet, Boston Red Socks MLB, and David Leadbetter Golf Academy – just to name a few!

Dianne Glass has over 30 years of experience as an advanced certified practitioner and teacher trainer in all Yamuna® modalities, including Body Logic, Body Rolling, Foot Fitness, Face Ball, and YBR Hands-on Table treatment. She holds a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, has been a licensed massage therapist since 1981, and is a licensed esthetician. Dianne is a Sarasota, Florida native.
Check out her online Video Subscription platform

When:  TBA
Where:  IYS Studio
Investment:  $45   Limited to 12 participants

…a sensory experience with Cindy, Stephanie & Karen

Prepare for a sensory experience of movement, sound, smell, and touch.  In Yogalicious you will prepare you body with gentle meditative Yin inspired yoga poses as you bask in the soothing sound-healing of Crystal Singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, koshi chimes, drum and more.  To take your experience to the next level, we offer up aromatherapy with custom Essential Oils applied through gentle touch of massage to shoulders, neck and head.  Leave feeling completely nurtured and relaxed.  Ahhhhh… that’s Yogalicious!
Limited to 15 participants.

ALL LEVELS of experience are welcome.  Limited to 15 participants.

When:  TBA
Where:  IYS Studio
Investment:  $45

Sunset Beach Yoga and Hoop Flow

Spring is the season for renewal and rebirth. Join us as we celebrate Spring Equinox – a time where the sun and moon energies are in perfect balance.
Instructors, Paige and Joyce (mother & daughter duo) will guide you through a class designed for ALL Levels to unearth your perfect balance between stillness, flow and play!
We will begin by setting our spring sankulpa (intention) then flow through variations of sun and moon salutations. 

Following the flow, we’ll invite our inner child out to play as we learn some basic hula hooping techniques and explore our bodies’ unique expression of movement through unstructured practice and play. Join us for an evening of fun and exploration while taking in the sunset, ocean air and soft, white sand beneath your feet.

Limited hula hoop supply!  We have 8, so register soon to ensure you have one or bring your own!!
Bring a towel or mat!  

When: TBA
Where:  MEET AT THE BEACH!  At the end of Magnolia Street across from studio.
Investment: $30