Description of Classes

IYS has mats free of charge for studio classes.

Slow Flow Yoga (Beginner/Moderate level)

This is a joyful class that combines classic postures, alignment and meditation all within a gentle flow. Slow Flow Yoga uses the breath to link together the postures creating a tranquil moving meditation.  Sessions often pursue a particular theme or idea with the goal of developing a deeper mind-body experience. Variations of poses are presented for mix levels.

Gentle Yoga (Beginner level/ All level)

Gentle Yoga is a class suited for ALL LEVELS of experience. Beginners and experienced practitioners can expect gentle stretching, basic yoga postures including standings, twists & gentle back bends, informative instruction on the use of props and breath work.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Moderate/Advanced level)

This popular evolving style of yoga (vinyasa) is a breath inspired journey combining fluid movement and total body awareness. Centered around the classic Sun Salutation, each Flow class is an experience of cleansing the body and recharging it with vital energy by linking together a full spectrum of poses including: standing poses, balances, back bends, twists, seated postures and inversions. This “meditation in motion” encourages the body and the mind to expand, develop and strengthen. Suited for students with a working knowledge of basic yoga poses and sun salutations and free from major injury.

Relax & Renew ~ Restorative Yoga Therapeutics (All levels)

Taking time out each day to relax and rejuvenate is essential to well being. This nurturing yoga practice focuses on restorative postures designed to gently stretch and rehabilitate the muscles and joints. Coupled with deep breath work and yoga therapeutics this class provides an opportunity for healing the body, soothing the nervous system and quieting the mind.  Informative instruction on the use of props is included.
Limited to 15 students.

Yin Yoga (All Levels)

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of modern yoga involving seated or lying-down postures that are held for longer periods of time (typically between three to ten minutes).  Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the fascia, ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body, that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice like Vinyasa. By targeting the connective tissues with longer holds in purposefully selected poses, Yin Yoga thus lengthens and heals the connective tissues of the shoulders, arms, legs, hips, pelvis, and  spine. Yin is a deep, meditative, and profound practice allowing students a greater opportunity to deepen their flexibility, even heal injuries and is a great addition to your weekly routine of other forms of yoga or fitness. In Yin Yoga we invite you to stay present with your body, tuning into the changes happening, while you enjoy the room-temperature class, relax and de-stress.

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Immerse your mind, body and spirit in 30 minutes of the beautiful healing modality of crystal bowls used to harness the reverberating sounds and vibrations of the crystal bowls, each representing one of the seven chakras. Leave this experience with a greater sense of relaxation, calm and presence.

Teenie Yogini  – Yoga for girls (ages 5-11)

Teenie Yogini (age 8-11) and Teenie Weenie Yogini (age 5-7) is a fun, creative approach to traditional yoga for young girls. The use of animated poses and basic stretching promote strength, flexibility, coordination and overall body awareness. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self control. In a fun, safe environment your child will gain inner strength and confidence, learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy using interactive games, music, storytelling and play!

 Gentle Chair Yoga (All Levels)

CHAIR YOGA is ideal for those who do not want to, or are unable to, get down to the floor on a traditional yoga mat. Using the chair for support, the postures will be presented in a slow, clear and manageable way in order for the student to comfortably and confidently connect with the mind and body. As you practice traditional yoga poses adapted to a chair you can focus more closely on breathing, mindfulness, flexibility and balance.
Enjoy ALL the benefits of a regular yoga practice in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.
Suitable for all levels and abilities.  Chairs will be provided.  Wheelchairs welcome.

Circle Of Light Meditation with Frannie Hoffman

You are invited to experience this profound and powerful evening as Frannie authentically shares her gift of presence, assisting you in awakening your spirit and activating the spark of consciousness within. You are here to discover the limitless peace, joy and abundance that life has to offer as we join together on this journey into inner stillness. During these sessions we learn that when we meet with our hearts, our spirits, our vulnerabilities, and our struggles, we can open up to receiving the answers from within. Frannie supports every participant through their spiritual growth with gentleness, clarity and loving kindness.