Jenny Greene

Jenny Greene - Yoga Instructor
Jenny is a certified yoga instructor with 300 hours of training from Aura Wellness Center and 200 additional hours from Yoga Bradenton. Jenny is an RYT -200 with Yoga Alliance.

Nearly a decade ago Jenny began to explore yoga as just a physical (Asana) practice to help relieve physical pain so she could continue to run and take part in high intensity, high impact workouts. However after practicing for only a few months, she began to notice the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga as well, and she began to incorporate a more well rounded practice that led to an undeniable transformation. Desiring to share the life changing benefits of yoga with others, Jenny sought out becoming an instructor; she enjoys teaching Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Flow, and Power Yoga as well as Restorative and Beginner Yoga.

Jenny believes there is a place for everyone within yoga and aims to create an inclusive, non judgmental, and safe space for all students of all levels of practice, while also having a little fun while on the mat.