Yoga Classes

Single class Drop-in  $20
5 class pack  $95 
10 class pack  $175

Beachside Yoga on the Pergola  $20 
Sandy Toes Beach Yoga   $15 
Chair Yoga   $20
Aqua Yoga   $20

No fee for mats.

Private Instruction (In  studio)

One Person $89 per hour
Semi-private 2-3 people:  $108 per hour
Private Group 4-6 people:  $129 per hour, add $15 per person over 6

No fee for mats.

Private Class (On Location)

In your home, vacation rental, pool deck, or beach:
Single person  $108
Group  $149 up to 6 people,  add $20 per person over 6.

IYS will provide mats for on-site indoor private sessions for $3 per mat.  Mats NOT available for beach classes.


All class packages are non-refundable or transferable from one student to another.
No refunds for classes taken or partially taken.
24 hour cancellation policy.  No refunds or credits for cancellations made in less than 24 hours.
Class Packages can only be used for regular scheduled in studio yoga classes EXCLUDING beach yoga, special workshops, series or teacher training/development programs.

You do have the option of sharing a 5 or 10-pack with immediate family members.
Immediate family members include: spouse, daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother.
NOT INCLUDED: in-laws, friends